</COMMENT> No Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition v 1.3 support for APPLET!!
Basic Instructions

  • Note, when logging in all of the fields are case sensitive.
  • Draft will automatically refresh. There is no need to refresh the browser.
  • The area in the top right hand corner of the screen indicates your information
  • The area in the top left hand corner of the screen indicates who is currently drafting
  • The columns for the draft are as follows: Round, Player Name, Position, Team, Fantasy Team, Bye Week
  • The columns for the available list are as follows: Player Name, Position, Team, Bye
  • To search, choose one or more teams and one or more positions (if you leave either all unchosen, then all will be chosen.
  • To select all or none of position or team items click on the appropriate buttons
  • Please note that the bye week list box excludes that bye week from the search.
  • To enact the search, click on the Search button
  • To draft a player, click on the player in the available list and click draft player. Note, this button will only be enabled when it is your turn to draft
  • To chat, type text in the single lined text box and hit enter
  • The buttons on top of the teams list are emotion buttons, clicking them will automatically send an emotion of your choice to the chat area
  • To undo a pick, please contact the league administrator via chat to have the administrator undo your pick
  • The administrator has the ability to pause the draft at any time.